Vstudio architects is a leading architecture and interior design studio based in Tel Aviv that has founded in 2003 by architect Guy Velikson and architect David Azouz.

The boutique Studio creates cutting edge architecture and design and specializes in maximizing spaces in personal architecture, meticulous, accessible and practical.

Architect Guy  Velikson – Creative Architect and Sharp designer who has a very particular and timeless taste.  A social and fashionable icon that excels in an excellent personal interconnections.

Architect David Azouz – Autodidact and highly talented architect with a unique vision and inner peace.

The synergistic personal combination between Guy and David creates a professional uncompromising and comprehensive added value for perfect architecture.
The studio’s staff includes architects and interior designers, who were selected according to the firm’s unique professional standards.

About our Design and Architecture:

We both like a good sense of humor, therefore though we take Our work very seriously, there’s always a wink a side.

We like to perspective things in a diFFerent way – We hardly never take ‘architectural things’ for granted.

That is our ‘Duck’ thinking.